Peel Road Tenants and Residents​

Peel Road Res/Tens started life back in the late 70’s, before the Government of the day decided to allow the MDHC become a Freeport, it was to become a containerised business, leaving very little manual work to be done, there was a lot of unrest among the  communities that depended on the Docks for their livelihood, many of the Dockers knew no other job.

There were a few people on the Tens/Res who would be affected by all what was going on, but the biggest issue of the day was the coal-dust, Jack Cutler was chosen as the first Chairperson for the group also involved was Jim Garrett, Tom Rooney (Bootle Expressions) and many more residents who wanted to make the area a better place to live, work, visit, volunteer and play in and this is what we are all about, lots of work has gone on over the years to try and better the neighbourhood for everyone who has a reason to be here.

One thing jumps to mind is the Alley gates, in 1999 Regeneration loomed and Fr Michael from St Joan of Arc Church and Barbara Hardwick both sat on the NAG (Neighbourhood Action Group)  and later Barbara represented the area on the NAP Neighbourhood Action Panel, community activist from across the most deprived areas of South Sefton sat on these groups, and still sit on many Boards today, Peel Rd R/T is a Constituted group, it has it’s own Bank Account and still holds monthly meetings at St Leonard’s Youth and Community Centre, which was founded in 1997 by four residents from the Peel Road area, we used to meet twice weekly, we had great support from Councillor Doreen Kerrigan, Riverside Housing Assoc and John who was Manager of the Brunswick Club Marsh Lane, for the next 4 years we played on a Billiard table with no legs, in the beginning a young lad would each stand by a pocket to catch the ball until, pockets were knitted and attached to the table, the cue was a brush handle which we pasted cue tips on the end.

To be continued………….